Ian Matthew Voigts
Ian Matthew Voigts

• Art as the spirit

05 January 2020

To fight against the unforgiving pull away from what you should be doing and what you feel you need to do. Existing in a world where the rules have been set before you, brings such a strong tension that prods and pulls at you. The feeling is stronger in some more than others. I call this “the spirit.” Again, some feeling it stronger than others. However, there are some not willing to exist in this “spirit.”

The spirit being led not by existing rules, but by looking at those rules and observing the logic or lack of logic there may be. The spirit exists outside of logic. It exists outside of feeling. The spirit is led by the next decision being the present decision. A brush stroke here, when to use a palette knife, layering paint, experiencing the outdoors as opposed to a coffee shop.

Listening to the spirit looks a little inconsiderate. Often selfish. There is a balance between the spirit and commonality amongst others. It might be inconsiderate of me to start dancing, in the coffee shop, when that song comes on that evokes an emotion. The spirit is telling me to jump on a table and sing along. The spirit tells me to engage with others in what would be called a weird thing.

I propose that the weird thing is actually the thing that should be listened to the most. Some refer to the spirit as intuition. However, intuition calls to a learned behavior. I intuit that I should be considerate in that coffee shop. The spirit tells me not to worry about what should be done, but rather fill the room with joy by engaging people who would normally not sing. The spirit working in those people comes in the form of tension. Awkwardness. They don’t want to let themselves experience that joy, because they have trained themselves not to allow the spirit to direct.

A feeling

There’s a feeling when something special is happening. I don’t believe that it should necessarily be qualified as a feeling of emotion, but one of the body. It’s that chill when you hear certain music, or see a scene in a film. I believe that is the spirit using your body to tell you, act. We recognize that, yet stifle it. We won’t allow ourselves to realize that we need to follow those callings of the spirit. This is a directional guide. If we listen.

A child embodies this spirit more so than us learned adults. Rothko notes, “you will see them put forms, figures, and views into pictorial arrangements, employing of necessity most of the rules of optical perspective and geometry, but without the knowledge that they are employing them.” Follow this spirit with a childlike mindset. Let’s put this here and see what happens. Let’s touch this flame. I’m not sure what happens but I want to find out. There’s so much to be explored without putting parameters around the exploration. It refreshes the soul when no plan is made, when we think and decide. If it doesn’t turn out, we learn. We turn around, so that we can find another route.